Some repairs need to be done by a licensed service tech who specialize in dealing with the dangers of their trade.  Electricity is one task we do not play with only accepting the jobs we are confident we can do well.  We can replace hardware like ceiling fans and light fixtures easily, even move an outlet or light switch on a wall, then seamlessly patch and paint the previous hole.  If your plug comes out of the outlet while in use we can fix that. If you have a problem with your fuse box that is where we give referrals to a licensed electrician.    Most plumbing repairs we can do easy enough.  Like with electricity some plumbing repairs need to be signed off on by an inspector.  If it requires a signature from the city chances are you’ll need a licensed service tech to sign off on the repair.  For most anything else we are happy and eager to help!

Due to an injury Tom is unable to walk on a steep rooftop.  If roofing work is needed please let Tom know so appropriate help can be contracted before the repair date.

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